What Causes A Jammed Finger?

There are many different ways that you can get a jammed finger, and unfortunately none of those different scenarios are pleasant – in fact they are all pretty miserable. As for what causes a jammed finger, the main reason is that you do something where your finger is bent in an unnatural way. This could [...]

Why Does A Jammed Finger Hurt?

The pain from a jammed finger is immense and often times when you initially jam the finger there is little if any pain however as time passes the pain starts to come through in waves. This pain is awful and depending on how severely you hurt the jammed finger, the pain will be in direct [...]

Jammed Finger Complications

Having a jammed finger can be many things, it can be painful, it can be time consuming, it can be laboriously banal and inconvenient all that the same time, but a jammed finger is something to be taken seriously because if you decide that your jammed finger is not a big deal, then there are [...]