Jammed Finger Complications

Having a jammed finger can be many things, it can be painful, it can be time consuming, it can be laboriously banal and inconvenient all that the same time, but a jammed finger is something to be taken seriously because if you decide that your jammed finger is not a big deal, then there are many things that can go awry, and when these things go awry, you will have problems not just with your jammed finger, but possibly many other different areas as well.

The first thing to note is exactly what a jammed finger is. Jammed fingers are generally sprains and strains at the joint of the finger and in some cases can be broken fingers as well. When it comes to complications of a jammed finger, there is even more that you must be aware of. Some of the many complications come from different types injuries and the different ways your finger can get jammed. When you think about jammed finger complications, what you must always go back to is how the finger got jammed in the first place. If the finger was dislocated, there could be many different problems, including problems with having the finger rupture serious veins and arteries. When that happens you could need surgery just to save the finger, let alone restore it to its normal level of functionality.

Some of the complications can be resolved easily with antibiotics for infections or surgeries for broken bones arising from jammed fingers, others are more costly and require greater amounts of medical intervention. Fortunately, though, if you get medical help right away for a jammed finger you can avoid situations where you have permanent complications arising from the injury. Many people know this but still fail to get treatment though, and that is why they deal with more permanent complications.

Jammed Finger Permanent Damage

Jammed finger complicationsWhen you are dealing with these complications, there is significant risk of permanent finger damage that arises from a jammed finger. When considering that permanent finger damage, what you need to know is exactly the different complications that can arise, and how many times just an ounce of prevention would keep these awful fates from befalling you. The first thing to think about is infection, if your jammed finger somehow gets infected, then you can be dealing with an awful situation. Fingers are easy to get infected because your fingers are in everything, and when an infection is untreated, then gangrene can arise, and you will need to have the necrotic part of the finger amputated. This, of course, relies on rampant neglect from a person and that is why their finger is often a casualty.

The other issue going on with a jammed finger having permanent damage has to do with joint inflammation. When a finger is jammed, many different things are happening within the joint, and when the scar tissue is present it keeps the finger in many ways from healing. Many people who suffer jammed fingers end up having pain in the joint for the rest of their lives if they are not good about making sure the finger heals. In fact, there are many times a person can have an arthritic finger thanks to these types of injuries, and the pain ranges from a mild ache to something more incapacitating.

There are some other permanent complications as well, if you have a jammed finger that results in a dislocation, it is entirely possible that the finger will never go back to the right place on your hand. You will notice how prominent this is when looking at hands of wide receivers in the NFL, their fingers have been jammed and dislocated so much that permanent repositioning has occurred.

Does A Jammed Finger Ever Heal?

A lot of doctors will get the question, “Does a jammed finger ever heal?” Doctors must enjoy this question because it is one of the few times they are able to give a patient excellent news. In fact, when you think about the healing of a jammed finger, you already know that there are many different modalities for it to heal, along with the high rate of success of treating these injuries. The good news is jammed fingers have a great prognosis if you get them treated right away, and often a jammed finger just needs time to heal, so there is no reason to be overly worried about the prognosis of the finger.

The biggest issue that many people have with making sure their jammed fingers heal correctly is being a patient patient. There is great zeal to want to get working on different projects and enjoy the life that you had before the injury, but the key is to wait the 6 to 8 weeks or until you can use the finger without experiencing any pain or weakness.

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